NOTE this information dates from the mid 90s at the latest and needs to be updated.

Pittsburg Repeater Organization



1.01 Authority. These bylaws have been adopted pursuant to
authority evidenced by a majority vote of the Pittsburg
Repeater Organization, Inc. (Hereafter referred to as the


2.01 Name. This club shall be known as the Pittsburg
Repeater Organization, Inc. (A non-profit corporation
chartered by the State of Kansas as of August 6, 1971).

2.02 Purpose. The purpose for which the Pittsburg Repeater
Organization is formed is to create, maintain and establish
a benevolent, eleemosynary, non-profit club of members to
hold in common a Club amateur radio repeating system and to
gather and disseminate information concerning Very High
Frequency and Ultra High Frequency operation in the
frequency modulation mode and repeater operation and through
the use of the Repeater to aid in communications in
disaster, national emergency and in the defense of our
country. And further, to operate in the interest,
convenience and necessity of the American people as provided
for in the Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Amateur
Radio Service as set forth by the Federal Communications

2.03 The Club shall support the area Civil-Defense and
American Red Cross.


3.01 Membership. Membership in the Club will be of three
classes: General Membership, Associate and Honorary Life Membership.
(Amended August 10, 1997.)

3.02 General Membership. General Membership shall be
granted to anyone holding a current amateur radio operators
license of any class, whose dues are current, following
recommendation of the membership committee.

3.03 Associate Membership. Associate Membership shall be granted
to anyone interested in Amateur Radio, whose dues are current,
following recommendation by the membership committee. Associate
Membership does not include any voting, quorum count, or office
holding privileges. (Added August 10, 1997.)

3.04 Honorary Life Membership. Following a recommendation
of the membership committee and executive committee and a
majority vote of a quorum of the Club, cast in secret,
Honorary Life Membership shall be granted to any person
whose services to the Club and amateur radio have been
deemed outstanding over a period of years. He shall have
all privileges of a general member.

3.05 Dues. Dues of $15.00 per year shall be payable in
advance by the General membership of the Club. Dues of
$10.00 per year shall be payable by the Associate Membership.
Full-time students shall pay dues of $5.00 per year for
either General or Associate Membership. Honorary Life
Members shall pay no dues. (Amended March 10, 1992,
December 10, 1993, August 10, 1997.)

3.06 Family Membership and Dues. Members of the immediate
and dependent family, living with a member, may, upon
application be granted membership following recommendation
of the membership committee and payment of dues of $6.00 per
year.(Amended December 10, 1993.)

3.07 Inactive Membership. Members who will be away from the
normal working area of the Repeater for periods in excess of
30 days may be granted inactive status and be relieved of
payment of dues. Relief from dues will not be granted for
periods of less than one-month increments. All requests for
inactive membership must be made in advance in writing to
the membership committee which will grant or deny the
inactive status. Members on inactive status shall not be
allowed the use of the Repeater or have any vote.

3.08 Delinquent Payment of Dues. Any member whose dues
become 60 days in arrears shall be dropped from the rolls of
membership. A person dropped from the membership rolls may
be reinstated following full payment of dues in arrears and
recommendation of the membership committee. Special
considerations may only be granted by the executive
committee following recommendation of the membership

3.09 Termination of Membership. Any member may be removed
from the rolls of membership for conduct deemed detrimental
to the Club or amateur radio, following recommendation of
the executive committee (excepting that person in question)
and a majority vote of a quorum of the Club cast in secret
ballot at a general membership meeting. (Amended August 10,


4.01 General Membership Meetings. Meetings of the general
membership shall be held monthly at a date, time, and
location as set forth by the Executive Committee. Any
variations from custom shall be announced in advance of the
event by the most expeditious means available. (Amended
September, 1972, March 18, 1986.)

4.02 Special Meetings. Special meetings of the Club
membership may be called by the executive committee and must
be called by the principal officer if requested by a
majority of the full executive committee.

4.03 Executive Committee Meetings. The executive Committee
shall meet at least once a month prior to the scheduled
general membership meeting at a date, time, and location
made known to the general membership, unless waived by a
majority of the principal officers of the Club. In addition
to the regularly scheduled meeting, the Committee shall meet
upon the request of a principal officer of the Club. All
general members may attend an executive meeting but only
committee members may vote. (Amended January 9, 1979, March
18, 1986.)

4.04 Quorum. At any special or general membership meeting,
90% of the average membership attendance at the preceding
three special or general membership meetings shall be
considered a quorum. (Amended March 25, 1975.)

4.05 Executive Committee Quorum. At any executive committee
meeting, 40% of the executive committee shall be considered
a quorum.

4.06 Voting. Except as otherwise stated in these bylaws,
all decisions at any meeting of the membership or executive
committee or other committees shall be by a majority vote of
a legal quorum. Each member shall have one and only one
vote and no voting by proxy shall be permitted.


5.01 Principal Officers. The principal officers of the Club
shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
and Trustee of the Club station. Each of the principal
officers, except the Trustee, shall be elected annually by
the Club membership in an election, conducted by mail during
the last month of the fiscal year and shall take office at
the first meeting following the beginning of the fiscal
year. Nominations shall be presented at the next to last
meeting of the fiscal year. Ballots will be mailed to the
entire membership by the fifteenth day and must be returned
by the thirty-first day of the last month of the fiscal
year. Neither the President nor the Vice President shall be
permitted to succeed himself. All officers and committee
chairmen shall hold an FCC Amateur Radio License of
Technician or higher class. (Amended March 25, 1975.)

5.02 President. The president shall preside at all meetings
of the Club membership and executive committee. He shall be
an ex-officio member of all other Club committees. He must
sign all authorized contracts and other obligations and
undertakings in the name of and on behalf of the Club. He
shall be the principal officer of the Club and shall have
general charge and supervision of the Club’s affairs and
shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be
assigned him by the executive committee.

5.03 Vice President. At the request of the president, or in
the event of his absence or disability, the vice president
shall perform any and all duties of the president. The vice
president shall have other powers and perform such duties as
the executive may from time to time assign.

5.04 Secretary. The secretary shall attend and keep the
minutes of all meetings of the Club membership and of the
executive committee. He shall keep reports on all meetings
of the committees of the Club and shall issue notices to the
Club membership of all membership meetings unless otherwise
notified by the president. He shall also keep a current
list of Club membership.

5.05 Treasurer. The treasurer shall have the control of all
funds of the Club subject to such regulations as may be
prescribed by the Club membership. He may endorse on behalf
of the Club for collection, checks, notes and other
obligations and shall promptly deposit the same and any
other receipts by the Club. The treasurer shall enter
regularly on the books of the Club to be kept by him for
that purpose, full and accurate accounts of all monies and
property received, and all monies and obligations paid or
incurred for the account of the Club and shall exhibit such
books for inspection to the executive committee at all
reasonable times. He shall in general perform all duties
incident to the office of treasurer, subject to the control
of the Club, and shall make written notice to any club
member 30 days in arrears of dues. He shall also provide a
report on the current financial condition of the Club at
each general membership meeting.

5.06 Trustee of the Club Station. The trustee shall have
control of the Club amateur radio station and license in
accordance with regulations of the Federal Communications
Commission and shall perform all duties incident to the
office of trustee, subject to the control of the Club. He
shall serve an indefinite term and be replaced by the
principal officer of the Club following the recommendation
of a majority of the executive committee.

5.07 Vacancies. In the event of the death or resignation of
any principal elected officer prior to the expiration of the
annual term for which he was elected, the Club shall fill
such vacancy from among its membership by secret ballot.

5.08 Removal from Office. Any officer may be removed from
office for conduct deemed detrimental to the Club or amateur
radio following a hearing before the executive committee, a
unanimous recommendation of the executive committee
(excepting that officer in question) and a majority vote of
the Club taken in secret ballot.


6.01 Executive Committee. The executive committee shall be
composed of the principal officers of the Club, the
immediate past president, and all current chairmen of
standing committees. They shall be responsible for the mode
of Repeater use and shall perform all other duties given
them by the Club. (Amended March 10, 1978.)

6.02 Standing Committees. There shall be five standing
committees: Bylaws, Activities, Membership, Equipment and
Acquisition, and Engineering. Except for the Engineering
Committee, the president shall appoint chairmen to each
standing committee and these chairmen shall in turn appoint
other members. Each committee shall provide a report on
committee activities at each general membership meeting.

6.03 Bylaws Committee. The bylaws committee shall be
responsible for maintaining the bylaws in a current
condition and shall have the current bylaws published at the
end of each fiscal year. This committee shall also study
each proposed amendment and revision to the bylaws for
possible conflict and proper codification. They shall also
maintain a record of all standing rules.

6.04 Activities Committee. The activities committee shall
be responsible for planning and reporting all special
activities of the Club not covered by other standing or
special committees.

6.05 Membership Committee. The membership committee shall
be composed of three members appointed by the president and
shall approve or disapprove each application for membership.
The membership committee shall report quarterly any changes
in membership “either gain or loss” to the general
membership meeting, and shall publish annually in the
regular meeting announcement for the first meeting of the
fiscal year, a list of all honorary life memberships given
and the reason for granting same. (Amended January 9,

6.06 Equipment and Acquisition Committee. The equipment and
acquisition committee shall prepare and submit to Club
membership an inventory of all Club owned equipment at the
last meeting of each fiscal year. They shall also maintain
lists of available equipment and stock pile reasonable
inventory of spare parts for the repeater.

6.07 Engineering Committee. The engineering committee shall
oversee all planning, installation and maintenance of Club
equipment. The engineering committee shall be chaired by
the Club Trustee.

6.08 Special Committees. The president may appoint other
special committees for specific purposes. These special
committees shall have no inherent powers other than those
granted by the president.

6.09 Removal of Committee Chairmen from Office. The
president may remove any committee chairman from office for
neglect of duty or conduct deemed detrimental to the Club.

6.10 Review of Decisions. All decisions of standing or
special committees are subject to the review of the
executive committee and may be overruled by the same.


7.01 Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Club shall
commence on the first day of January and shall end on the
last day of December.

7.02 Audits. The executive committee shall audit the books
of the Club during the last month of the fiscal year and
shall report the condition of the books at the first meeting
of the fiscal year.

7.03 Club Funds. All funds and properties received by or
coming into the custody of the Club belong to and are trust
funds and property of the Club to be expended only for the
purposes authorized and only in accordance with the
regulations prescribed by the Club.

7.04 Disbursement. The treasurer shall make all
disbursements. he shall have prior Club approval for all
disbursements in excess of $5.00 with the exceptions noted
in 7.05 and 7.07.

7.05 President’s Discretionary Fund. The president shall
have a yearly discretionary fund of $250.00. He may order
disbursements against this fund for Club purposes only, in
amounts not to exceed $75.00 per item disbursement.
(Amended October, 1977.)

7.06 Executive Committee Disbursement Authority. The
executive committee may order disbursements for emergency
needs which arise prior to the next scheduled membership
meeting. The limit on this authority is $100.00 per item
disbursement. (Amended October 1977.)

7.07 Club Budget. The president shall submit to the
membership for approval a budget for expenditures in
maintaining the Repeater and associated utilities. This
budget shall be presented at the second meeting of the
fiscal year and when approved the treasurer shall disburse
Club funds against the budget as required or upon the
request of the appropriate committee chairman.


8.01 The Repeater System(s) shall be maintained as the Club
Station(s). All equipment installed as a normal function of
the Repeater System(s) is the property of the Club. Any
individual purporting to have a financial interest in any
equipment being used by the Repeater(s) at the date of
ratification of these bylaws will submit a claim to the Club
within 60 days of ratification of action by the Club
membership or forever forfeit claim to ownership.

8.02 Use of the Club Station(s). The Repeater System(s)
is(are) intended for the use of the Club members and other
non-resident amateur radio operators who are visiting the
area. Residents of the normal working area of the repeater
system(s) and who maintain equipment intended to utilize the
repeater system(s) will be expected to pay Club dues prior
to utilizing the Repeater System(s).

8.03 Non-Resident Use. Non-residents of the Pittsburg area
who belong to other repeater organizations using the
repeater frequencies will be allowed use of the Repeater
System(s) providing a reciprocal use agreement is in effect
with the other repeater.

8.04 Availability of Members’ Licences. For the protection
of the Club station license all Club members will present to
the secretary an acceptable copy of their current amateur
radio license. The secretary will maintain a file of said
licenses available for inspection at reasonable times.

8.05 Emergency and Public Service Use. The primary use of
the Club station(s) will be emergency and approved public
service work. When so used the Club members not
participating will allow special courtesy to those involved
and in case of serious emergency normal repeater use may be

8.06 Extra Use of Station. Upon approval of the engineering
committee and the Club membership, a member or a group of
members may be granted special privileges for a specific
period of time. Anyone applying for special privileges
shall be prepared to assume additional financial
responsibility for Repeater maintenance. Any equipment used
for these privileges is the property of the member or group
of members involved until the expiration of the time period
involved. At that time 60 days will be allowed for removal
of equipment or ownership of the equipment will revert to
the Club.

8.07 (Deleted January 9, 1979.)


9.01 Standing Rules. The Club may, by majority vote of a
legal quorum and without prior notice adopt standing rules
to cover points of procedure or other rules not of
sufficient importance to be included in the bylaws. These
standing rules may not conflict with any bylaw. A standing
rule may be amended or abolished at any meeting at which
there is a quorum, by a majority vote of the membership


10.01 Notice of Amendment. Notice of amendment to the
bylaws will be presented in writing to the membership of the
Club at any general membership meeting.

10.02 Preparation for Consideration. The president
shall instruct the bylaws committee to prepare this proposed
amendment for consideration as stated in the notice and to
insure that no conflict in the bylaws will exist because of
the proposed amendment. The bylaws committee will present
the proposed amendment and recommendation to the Club
membership for their consideration at the next general
membership meeting. Notice of the proposed amendment will
be published with the regular meeting announcement.

10.03 Vote Required on Amendments. A majority vote of
those members returning a mail ballot shall be required to
amend the bylaws. The ballot shall be included with the
notice of the proposed amendment, published with the regular
meeting announcement, and must be returned by the tenth of
the following month. The amendment shall be presented at
the regular meeting following publication. (Amended March
25, 1975.)


11.01 Roberts’ Rules of Order. Roberts’ Rules of Order
shall serve as the parliamentary authority of the Club for
all rules and procedures not covered by the bylaws.