New 146.94 repeater on the air!   March 9th, 2018

Today we installed the new 146.34/94 at the new site at the south end of Pittsburg, KS. The antenna is a DB-224 at 500ft AGL fed with 1 1/4″ Heliax. The new repeater is running a Raspberry PI linux computer as the repeater controller a using a analog interface card adapter as well as a MMDVM (MultiMode Digital Voice Modem) which gives the ability to run digital modes on the repeater. Currently the repeater is setup to work with analog FM (91.5Hz PL Tone), DMR, Fusion (C4FM), D-Star, and P25 on a first come first serve basis. The repeater can only operate in one mode at a time! Currently we are NOT carrying any DMR networked talk groups but they will be on in the next few weeks so i would stick to the standard local TS 2 TG 9 for now if you want to be heard.

We STRONGLY recommend everyone turn on 91.5 Hz receive tone squelch so they don’t have to listen to any digital traffic in analog mode!

Thanks Phil KØPR, Tyler KBØPQP, Matt KØVLL, and Steve N5SD site work.
Huge thanks to Cort NØMJS for all of the programming, custom software, and infrastructure to allow us to connect to the KØUSY group!

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